Barbara introduced Lauren Graham to Pilates and worked with her privately while she was in New York City.

Fans will recognize Lauren from the shows Gilmore Girls and Parenthood.

“Thanks to you I’ve become addicted to Pilates. I’m continuing my Pilates training here in LA as the new show shoots. Thanks Barb.”

“I was in a devastating automobile accident, which left me in a wheelchair. I was racked with pain from a broken back. When all else failed, one of my therapists suggested that I contact Barbara.

“Using her Pilates techniques, Barbara worked with me several times a week, and in three years, I was walking. Now when people congratulate me on how I have had the courage to overcome my disabilities, I respond by saying that the only courage it took was to focus on what Barbara was teaching me.”

“I can’t remember any specific injury, but nearly two years ago, I awoke one morning with intense sciatic pain. I tried many types of therapies—chiropractic manipulation, hypnotism, massage and epidermal steroid injections . . . then an MRI revealed a bulging disk and arthritic deterioration around my lower spine. My family doctor suggested surgery. That’s when my daughter stepped in and urged me to try Barbara’s Pilates mat class.

“Barbara was a cross between a drill sergeant and a mother hen. She led a fast-paced routine that left me sweating, exhausted and unsure about returning for more abuse. After a second class, I signed up for a private session with Barbara on some contraption called the “Reformer.” After two mat classes and two private sessions, I could not understand why others raved about the Reformer. It seemed as if I were hardly working; so, I called my daughter to complain.

“At her urging, I persisted. I’m glad I did. Results were soon apparent. The sciatic pain began to disappear for hours at a time, then days, and now, almost completely. Barbara pushes hard to make sure each exercise is done properly, whether on the Reformer or in mat class. Often “properly” means beyond the point you think your muscles can keep up.

“I know Barbara cares passionately that I get well. She has a deep understanding of the body and asks questions like: “Would you show me how you sit in your car? How do you position your body when you run? May I see how your shoes fit?” She had me readjust the position of my driver’s seat. Result: no more sciatic pain after driving. She showed me how to plant my feet differently when I jog. Result: no more knee pain. She recommended that I wear a larger shoe size. Result: my toes are noticeably less deformed. I have complete respect for Barbara’s ability.

“I was one step away from surgery. Now I’m pain-free most of the time. By the way, men, I do sweat plenty on the Reformer.”

“I have Multiple Sclerosis and been in a wheelchair this past decade or so. I took care of what I could, to curtail many problems & symptoms associated with the disease. This past June I had a good hair day at my hair salon called Bangz in Montclair, NJ. I told my hairdresser I read & did some Pilates. On my way out, I was making small talk with an office worker about a book I read on Pilates.

“The young lady was a college student & studying dance. Recently, she was certified as a Pilates instructor, but couldn’t work with the disabled but she could put me in contact with someone who could help me. She called the woman & gave me her number & website. I called her & was in shock when I went to her site.

“Not only is Barbara Hoon a Pilates instructor, she is a mom, dancer, actress, drill sergeant & saint! I have worked with her since June & I am humbled by her willingness to help me. Her accomplishments overwhelmed me & I’m honored she took me on as a “student.” Her approach is one of a dancer & her instruction is totally different than physical therapy because my movements are “choreographed.” Her approach works for me as does the Pilates approach to my problem.

“Barbara is determined to get me out of my wheelchair & is using her skills & experience with helping injured people she worked with in the past. Not only did I gain a Pilates instructor, I gained a friend.

“I journal our progress & she introduced amazing people who help me by giving me practical physical advice to get me back to what I call my “walking legs” My discipline infuriated many when I was a kid; I lost it when I hit college age, & now I’m back through necessity!

“I see the good fruits of this effort & my perseverance has sustained me. If it doesn’t break you, it makes you stronger.”

“For the past five years I have been committed to doing Pilates with Barbara Hoon. Considered slim all my life, I didn’t know what type of changes I could expect. But I am continually astonished at how my body is tighter, straighter, and leaner. Over the past several years I have grown a good half-inch in my spine from sitter and standing taller. My core helps me with the long hours of standing (I work full time as a massage therapist) so that my shoulders, low back and hips have no tension. Barbara’s fierce passion and dedication is felt in each and every single class. She is like a drill sergeant except that she loves you and makes you laugh! I always walk away feeling strong, beautiful and lifted in my body and spirit.”

“Six Degrees introduced me to Pilates, and Pilates gave me back myself both physically and mentally… my younger self, only better and stronger… connecting to my body like never before, constantly mindful of my body’s movements and stance. The body starts, and the mind follows to make a whole. After only a few months I can see such positive changes. I no longer have aches and pains from a sedentary occupation. I stand tall, proud, content, and ready to embrace and enjoy life. I look forward to Barbara Hoon’s (owner of Six Degrees of Wellness) professional wisdom and concerned teaching methods as I continue my growth in Pilates, and I am eager and excited as she guides me through the wonder and miracle of Pilates. In gratitude and love for my new-found Wellness Center and the outstanding individuals encompassing the Center.”

“I injured myself 16 years ago in a ski accident.  While I have had some good success with massage, chiropractic and physical therapy over the years, my neck and shoulder pain and inflexibility have persisted.  Three weeks ago, a dear friend introduced me to Barbara.  During the introductions, Barbara spotted my neck discomfort and became immediately focused and engaged.  After working with me for about 30 minutes she declared, “I can help you – come for a private session so that I can focus on your neck issues”.  During the private session, Barbara took me through a series of Pilates movements specifically targeting my postural issues.  At the end of the session as I was getting into my car, I turned my head and heard a faint “pop”, and all of my neck pain disappeared at that moment.  To be clear, after 16 years of unrelenting pain, I now have full neck rotation and no pain.  I texted Barbara to thank her and to suggest that she add “Healer” to her business card. Barbara is gifted not only with empathy and a deep knowledge of her studies, she is an instructor who insists that you understand how to engage the right muscles for daily movement so that you may heal yourself on a daily basis.   We all need Barbara in our lives – she is truly a gift.”

HEALING. That is the word that I would use to describe my Pilates experience. Of course, lessons with Barbara are not just any ordinary Pilates experience, forcing me to be more descriptive…NURTURING , EMPATHETIC, INDIVIDUAL AND FUN.
“I began my classes with Barbara so as to take up a form of exercise at 50+. What I have experienced is a method of moving my middle-aged unexercised body in ways that feel liberating and strong. I have shared my teacher with my 9 year old daughter, my 47 year old brother and a range of friends of various ages, sizes and shapes. The interesting thing is that every person experiences Pilates uniquely beneficial and pleasurable to their own body.

“Barbara thank you so much for all of your guidance and concern during my pregnancy. Taking Pilates three times a week throughout the entire 9 months prevented so much of the discomfort typically associated with being pregnant. I was the only one of my friends to not have any swelling in my ankles or fingers. Furthermore, I had absolutely no back pain. Considering I’m prone to back spasms this was truly amazing. The best part though, was that my doctor told me that woman who do Pilates during pregnancy usually have a quicker, easier labor. This was definitely true – of the 17 woman who were in labor with me at the hospital I was the first to deliver after just a couple of hours! I nearly called you from the delivery room…

“Now, 9 months later, having gone right back to Pilates 3 weeks after my daughter was born I have lost all of the weight and am back in my ‘skinny’ jeans.”